Saturday, October 3, 2009

Where are they now?

One of my fondest memories of last year's trip to Buenos Aires was drinking mate in class with Carolina and Rodrigo (see picture on the right). Neither is still at the school, but both are still in Buenos Aires. I got to catch up with them a few times during this year's trip:

september2009 482

Above is Rodrigo, taken this morning, after breakfast at Scuzi.
Below is Caro, making every effort to blend in with the apartment decor.

september2009 476

It was great to catch up with them, and with everyone else. Although I am a little sad about leaving B.A., it will be nice to get home and see the kitties:

boris gets his way

Yes, there are indeed two kitties in that photo, even if Boris is hogging the limelight.

It's a glorious spring day outside, so I am going to head to Recoleta to pick up a few last-minute souvenirs and gifties (can you spell E-V-I-T-A?). My flight leaves for Washington at 9 this evening, and - the travel gods willing - I should get back to SF early tomorrow afternoon.

This 600th post seems like a good place to close this exciting chapter of MOTP. Did I mention how much I love Buenos Aires? Watch this space for the next instalment, which will be brought to you from Madrid, starting on or around Saturday October 24th, so just three short weeks from now.


Bebe Bahnsen said...

Welcome home, David! I know it was hard to leave Buenos Aires, but I bet two cats are pleased to see you.

Pb said...

Hola y bienvenido

boris y natasha