Wednesday, April 4, 2007

the value of everything

Random pricing observations from Seville:

  • Cost of breakfast (cafe con leche, tostada) : € 1.86
  • Cost of 120 long-distance minutes to U.S./Canada : €10.00
  • Cost of full dinner for seven people, including wine/beer, dessert and coffee : €126.00
  • Cost of all nine Beethoven symphonies (Blomstedt) in a boxed set of 5 CD's : €16.10
  • Cost of the ugliest set of lawn furniture I have seen in lo these many years, on sale at El Corte Inglés (four "chaises-longues" of incredible hideosity, and a modernistic looking table with enough sharp edges to slice a family of four to shreds before one could say "julienne jones") : €820.00

I will have more to tell about the Beethoven, eventually.


amybuthod said...

I want to see this ugly lawn furniture!

Beware! The Lone Chicken of the Apocalypse is upon us.

Snufkin said...

Me too! Show us the furniture!

Dale M said...

Looks wonderful. Thanks for the link.

Pb said...

One envisions the set of an Almodovar film, with furniture that can devour flesh and emits red pulsing danger lurks vibes. Pictures, please!