Thursday, April 5, 2007

Whatever happened to Baby Alissi

Posterity has not been kind to the other Brontë sister -- you know, the one that ran away to Córdoba to open her own beauty salon. If only Ann, Charlotte, and Emily (Branwell too, for that matter) had known the soothing powers of a good manicure and a perm, perhaps there wouldn't have been so much Sturm und Drang in the Haworth household.

Hmmm, I wonder what one would call a hair salon run by a Brontë sister? Your suggestions are invited.

1 comment:

gaelstat said...

What? I can't imagine that nobody could even manage to come up with
"Jane's Hair" or some lame variation thereof. People! You're not even trying! Must I do all the work here? ¡Que verguenza!

You disappoint me, folks. You really do.