Thursday, May 24, 2007

El internado (un lugar donde todo puede suceder)

Un edificio imponente. Jóvenes buscando respuestas. Otros ocultan su pasado. Todo es más intenso cuando se está aislado del mundo, cuando se vive en un internado.

The plain people of Ireland: Here, hold on there! Talk English, would you!

The boarding school (a place where anything can happen)

An imposing building. Young people looking for answers. Others hide their past. Everything is more intense when one is cut off from the world, when one lives in a - boarding school.

With all the advance hullaballoo for Antena3's new series, "El Internado : Laguna Negra" (yes, you read that right), which aired its pilot episode at 10pm tonight, how could I not watch it? I feel a certain responsibility to my readers.

And, let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Only three minutes into the opening episode, the extremely fetching Marta Torné, playing the role of María, la nueva limpiadora, had escaped from the psychiatric hospital in which she was being held, and was being chased up a tree in a semi-naked state by a wolf (I am not making this up). 30 seconds later she fell out of the tree, losing further strategic clothing items in the process, and nearly brained el Director, Héctor, who just happened to be jogging by (played by Luis Merlo). At least three times in the episode, a nearly-naked María finds herself in close physical contact with Héctor, much to the chagrin of ...

Oh, hell - I can't possibly do it justice. Why not take the virtual tour for yourself? The linked site may take a while to load, but I highly recommend its cheesy goodness

So, really, after all the excitement of all those good-looking jóvenes buscando-ing for answers in el bosque, you will understand why I have to call it an early night tonight.

The plain people of Ireland: Wait up! That link you gave is all in Spanish.
The management: Give it a try. You´ll understand more than you might think. And the sets are very klassy. Did you get out to vote today?
The plain people of Ireland: Yerrah, the usual story. I vote one way, Sinéad votes for the other fella - it all cancels out. I don't know why we bother.
The management: Because the right to vote is a valuable treasure, not to be taken for granted or squandered, that's why.
The plain people of Ireland: Oh, right you are, so.

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