Sunday, May 20, 2007

Home improvement

Readers of this blog will have noticed that, while I am lounging about here on the Iberian peninsula, a variety of changes (for the better) have been going on back in my home in the U.S. As today's photo indicates, the trend continues.

Patio collage

My new worry is, that when I try to move back into my home in September, there will be a general groundswell of protest among the neighbors, arguing that it will adversely affect property values. Since my attention to matters of home maintenance and repair is known to be spotty, at best.

The plain people of Ireland: Begob that's very nice-looking indeed. Is one of them bushes a fuchsia bush?
The management: The red one? No, I think you are mistaken.
The plain people of Ireland: Sinéad loves the fuchsia, you know - says it reminds her of her childhood.
The management: A discerning woman. She and I have something in common.

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