Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rich puddingy goodness

The subtitle of this post might just as well have been "BOREDOM", so don't say you weren't warned. See, I was all set to go out for dinner this evening with the nice couple from Maine who have been staying here, and are going home this week, when the heavens opened. Torrential downpour of biblical proportions. So we decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and rescheduled for tomorrow evening.

Which leaves me, after my delicious picnic dinner in my room, with time on my hands. And a camera, and some props. Mainly food-related.

Tonight, instead of the ever-popular frozen lemon option, I decided in favor of chocolate pudding for dessert. You can see it above, on the left, in the first picture. Post-consumption, there it is again in the second picture, with a fork and mouse included, to give some idea of scale. This delicious concoction is available in the supermarket of El Corte Inglés, for a trifling 0.89€. Furthermore, when consumed, one is left with a delightful earthenware pot, suitable for any number of home projects, limited only by one's imagination. Honestly, I don't know how the good folks at Goshua turn a profit.

But, this evening, I'm not really too concerned. Because I have that delectable 0.375 litre bottle of Freixenet, possibly the only truly worthwhile part of Catalan culture, to help me while away the rest of the evening.

The plain people of Cataluña: [unintelligible gibberish]

The management: ¿Qué? Lo siento, pero este blog es hispanohablante. O inglés. No se habla catalan aquí. Estamos en Madrid, no en Barcelona, entendéis?

The plain people of Cataluña: [more unintelligible gibberish]

The management: That's just too bad. Not all of the world (todo el mundo) speaks your wretched language, nor has any desire to.

The plain people of Cataluña: [unintelligible whining]

The management: Quizás que tengáis razón. But linguistic chauvinism cuts both ways, sabéis?

Fadeout to the sound of muffled Catalan protests, while a bottle of Freixenet is being popped open.


Anonymous said...

Have sent you Washington Post Travel Section article of today, May 20, all about that Catalan hussy city, Barcelona. In case you want a day trip or more blog fodder. Your boredom aside, the folks there must be grateful for la lluvia.

From sunny DC,

The Agent of Entropy said...

I saw the strangest car this weekend at the grocery store, along it Catalan pride bumper sticker it a Calgary Flames bumper sticker, all this on a car with license plate from the Mexican state of Durango. Tlak about geographic mishmash