Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Checking in

This post is just to say that, while I was neglecting to blog today, I was nonetheless gainfully employed, augmenting my hours spent engaged (one way or another) with the intricacies of the exciting, but challenging Spanish language. Today may have set a record, as my total came to more than 12 consecutive hours, to wit:

  • Grammar classes : 4 hours
  • Conversation class : 2 hours
  • El País : 1 hour
  • Watching Ridley Scott's "1492" (doblado in eThpanish, so this counts) : 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Drinking with classmates : 2 hours
  • Watching appalling eThpanish TV : 45 minutes

The plain people of Ireland: That's it!??? That's your entire post!??? This is getting ridiculous. Why not just post your laundry list and have done with it?
The management: Certainly, if you would like.
The plain people of Ireland: Oh, pull yourself together and get a grip. That was just a joke, for God's sake.
The management: Well, not every post here can be Pulitzer material, you know. But perhaps tomorrow's Feast of the Assumption (a local holiday) will bring fresh inspiration. I have a date with el estilo indirecto (indirect speech) and its associated bewitching panoply of changes in verb tenses and moods. That's always good for a few laughs.
The plain people of Ireland: God, why do we even bother. Consider yourself on notice, bucko!
The management: There is no need for that kind of tone. This is a civil blog. But I promise to be more scintillating tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is a picture of eThpain's noble king, Carlos V.

Carlos V, Toledo

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