Sunday, August 12, 2007


  • codorniz: quail (the noun, not the verb)
  • membrillo: quince jelly
  • graznar: quack (the verb)
  • matasanos: quack (the noun)

The plain people of Ireland: This is a very lazy idea for a post, wouldn't you say?
The management: Possibly so, but still not without its uses. For instance, on the culinary front, knowledge of the word codorniz might save people from ordering the quail salad (all those crunchy, spitty little bones). And the word membrillo proves essential if you want one of the best ice-creams in town, the odd-sounding but delicious helado parmesano membrillo, available at that heladería over on the Plaza Mayor, the one which always has a long queue (cola).

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