Saturday, August 18, 2007

La prensa rosa

Regular readers of this blog will know that, this weekend, I am deep in the midst of books with such exciting titles as "Dificultades del español para hablantes de inglés", in preparation for next Friday's DELE intermedio exam. However, I wouldn't want to convey the impression that all is dullness and boredom (¿"ser" y "estar", "por" y "para", anyone?). For instance, thanks to my delightful teacher, Gloria, I have materials such as the following, to augment my studies:

la prensa rosa

Although right now I have no clue as to who Raquel and Tony might be, or who the other woman threatening the Iglesias marriage is, you can bet your bottom peseta that, before the weekend is over, I will know all about these topics.

And, of course, that I will be more than happy to share. Because readers of this blog deserve the entire, gossipy, truth.

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