Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Postcard from Salamanca

Two postcards, actually:

We will excommunicate your ass!

Any person who steals, embezzles, or otherwise carries away any book, pergament or paper from this library will be excommunicated, without possibility of absolution until full restitution has been made.

la rana sobre la calavera

la rana sobre la calavera

University facade in Salamanca

Hidden among the intricate carvings on the facade is a small frog perched atop a skull. Legend has it that in order to be successful in one's exams one must seek out the location of the frog without help from anyone else. I managed to do so this my first week here, thereby increasing my confidence about my chances for success in my exam next week.

This legend is the reason that frog souvenirs are ubiquitous in Salamanca. The frog is to this city what the bear is to Madrid.

fadeout to the sound of disgruntled ursine growling ...


Jared said...

David, best of luck on your exams.

O'Donovan said...

I can't decide which of these things delights me more:

1. That fabulous sign

2. The skull frog

3. That you're going to ace your exam.

Missed you!