Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Soundtrack for a blogger

Earlier today, as I was sitting at the outdoor cafe, swatting away a singularly determined wasp who had his sights on my cappucino, the following sequence was played on the maitre-d's mix tape:

"Faithfully" ---- Journey
"Cool Change" ----- Little River Band
"Total Eclipse of the Heart" ----- Bonnie Tyler (the full version)

It was as if I had never left graduate school. I swear, the sensation of being back in Chapel Hill, studying for comprehensive exams, was visceral, and totally overwhelming.

All of which, for the conspiracy-minded, raises the interesting question (it was a premixed tape, after all) - does someone in that particular cafe have a particularly unusual sense of humor, and a predilection for playing mindgames with tourists of a particular vintage?

And what is it about the songs we heard on the radio at particular times in our lives that makes them stick with us for ever? It's not as if one hears much from or about the Little River Band these days, but there's at least a half-dozen of their songs that have the capacity to transport me back a quarter-century within seconds.

I decided against the madeline for dessert.

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