Tuesday, May 20, 2008

¿Where in the world?

Escuela ¿don Quijote? Guanajuato

David's itinerary for the foreseeable future:

mid-May --- June 7th : Guanajuato, Mexico (see photo above)
June 7th --- 12th : San Francisco
June 12th --- 15th : Charlottesville, VA (at a very important wedding)
June 15th --- 18th : Research Triangle, NC (catching up with friends)
June 18th --- 22nd : Ontario, CANADA (visiting family and friends)
June 22nd --- 28th (approx) : San Francisco
June 29th --- September : ¿¿¿¿¿¿ BUENOS AIRES ???????
October --- November : ESPAÑA

details of the Buenos Aires trip still in the works, but now that I am finally on the road again, I am highly motivated to make sure it happens. The home comforts of San Francisco are alluring, but can also be a trap, of sorts, I have decided.

Thanksgiving in Madrid sounds kind of nice, though.

In 2009: ¿Parlez-vous franÇais, anyone?


Anonymous said...

et oui, moi, je parle francais...mais qu'est-ce que c'est ca? some kind of world of domination through mastery of idioms?! how many d'ya know anyway? race you...! I'm starting deutsch..

jttreat said...

"Anonymous" would of course be me, Sr. David: Madame Chairwoman, o en otras palabras, la reina de tu corazon....