Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Change One Letter" goes to the Movies

Flee, Willy!
Lovable cetacean is pursued by evil Japanese whaling ship

Stab Wars
Luke Skywalker travels back in time to take on Jack the Ripper

Dorki Park
The exploits of an inept gang of fur-smugglers

The Bids
Real estate wars in Bodega Bay turn ugly

John Ford's classic reinterpretation of Macbeth as a Western

Seven Bribes for Seven Brothers
A corrupt family's stranglehold on city government in Providence, RI.

Danes with Wolves
Lars van Trier goes Costner one better. Shot with only a single camera, from the wolf's point of view .

Spinal Tap put on a benefit concert at Mount Rushmore, and the whole thing is filmed by Louis Malle. Or maybe Terence. Whatever. It's a definite highlight when Ted Nugent shoots Lincoln's nose right off.

A terrible misunderstanding between the Hoggetts means curtains for a certain lovable porker.

Dunces with Wolves
Mrs Parker's class had been looking forward to their trip to Yellowstone for weeks already. Who could have suspected that things would go so horribly, horribly wrong?

A Mad Zeus!
The real story behind the Trojan wars (soundtrack by Salieri)

An unpopular war abroad becomes a fiasco when public opinion turns against its leaders

Apocalypse Cow
This frightening documentary tracks the devastating spread of mad cow disease, beginning with "Brain-dead Bessie", the cow first believed to have brought the disease to Texas.

The 39 Stews
In a case of mistaken identity, a man is plunged into the internecine squabbles and dark rivalries that make up the sinister world of British haute cuisine.

Hedwig and the Angry Itch
Fortunately, there was fast-actin' Tinactin

Mary Poplins *
New governess brings order, harmony, and a dazzling array of synthetic fabrics.

La Cage aux Dolles
Daring new transvestite production of an Ibsen standard

Blue Vervet
Monkey is ostracized due to unusual pigmentation and succumbs to depression.

Blue Velveta
Be an instant gourmet!

The Mousecrap
Posthumous Agatha Christie play savaged by Broadway critics

Pilates of the Caribbean
Even buccaneers gotta exercise.

Das Boor
Idiosyncratic german translation of The Jerk

*: I'm pretty sure this one is not mine, but I can't for the life of me remember where I may have borrowed it. If it's yours, please leave a comment, and I will attribute appropriately.


Peter said...

David, are you sure you didn't get a degree in gelastics rather than statistics?

Brian Crawford said...

Monsters vs. Liens:

Fed up with the government’s lackluster response to the financial crisis, a scientist unleashes a team of monsters against the mortgage industry.

David, I employed your Change one Letter game on my blog: – and I link to your blog.

Peter said...

Dildo and Aeneas.