Monday, March 30, 2009

Qué pasa?

Paddy arrived from Washington DC on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the weather immediately took a turn for the worse, with the temperature dropping about 12 degrees or so overnight, and rain both yesterday and today. Fortunately, we are headed to Sevilla tomorrow (in the fancy AVE high-speed train, which whisks one from Madrid to Sevilla in only 2 hours and 30 minutes), and will return to Madrid on Thursday evening.

I have the week off class, so it's a nice break from my regular routine. Only two more weeks after Paddy's departure on Monday. I will be heading back to Washington on Saturday April 18th, stay with her overnight, and continue on to San Francisco the following day.

Today we went to the Reina Sofia, the museum of the "big three" that's dedicated to 20th century art (and the only museum in town that is open on Mondays). I think we both agreed that the best part was probably lunch in the museum cafeteria afterwards. After two hours modern art just starts to feel like a penance.

There were uncountably many groups of schoolchildren, not all of whom appeared to be having fun.


Allison Kennedy said...

hi, I was introduced to your blog from one Bebe Bahnsen here in Columbus, Ga. It's good! I met Paddy briefly when she was here visiting Bebe. Small world--even from Spain!
I write for the paper here in Columbus (covering Faith, aka the God beat :), and this will also link to my blog. It's (generally) on health and fitness.

The Wan People of Artistan said...

I hope the Columbus community's spiritual needs include toilet-training videos for captured wildlife.
Meanwhile, back to the story. Modern art. It's hard to know if anyone actually likes it, other than the people who buy it and put it in galleries or, often worse, on street corners. Usually they are satisfied that few 'understand' it, which surely must be a measure of its artistic and philosophical complexity. And as this dialectic implicitly confirms the need for the ruling class to pay people large sums of money to run galleries, etc etc, on it goes.