Thursday, April 9, 2009

Change One Letter : Liturgical Edition

Gloria in excelsis feo*:
Talk about ugly! Betty has nothing on Gloria.

Fixit, Dominus:
In this hilarious new NBC sitcom, Jesus needs all his carpentry skills, when he takes a job as super in the apartment building on Melrose Place.

The Apostles' Screed.

Stab at Mater:
The prequel to "Psycho".

A Mighty Fortress is our Bod:
A new chain of fitness centers opens in the Bible Belt.

Neater my God to Thee:
A new housecleaning service opens in the Bible Belt.

Jesu, Joey of Man's Desiring:
An unfortunate typo in the score of a musical cantata gives rise to one of Australia's more bizarre marsupial-worshipping cults.

Tantum Eggo:
This new, low-cholesterol, egg substitute tastes so good it's almost sacramental.

Flux Aeterna:
Oops! Looks like Heraclites has been "improving" the scriptures again.

Diets Irae:
An inside look at the infamous IRA hunger strikes in Long Kesh internment facility.

Tub Admirum:
I really like your bathroom fixtures!

Nagnus Dei:
All that bleating is really starting to get on my nerves.

(*: Gloria is extremely ugly)

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gaelstat said...

Manny, from, offers:

Fiat Sux: Italian cars are really no good.