Friday, April 10, 2009


april10 018

It was a cold, rainy Friday here in Madrid. The city is deserted. So what better occasion to stage another exciting test-off in the ongoing saga of "OPERATION BAKED GOODS"?

Three entrants were included in this experimental session, each purchased at the basement supermarket in El Corte Inglés, each in the 1.00€ to 1.40€ price bracket. Our three contestants are shown below:

april10 012

Larger, individual, photos may be found here , and as neighboring photos in the Flickr stream.

As always, strict safety measures were implemented during the testing session, with adequate fluid supplies at the ready to deal with any rapid-onset desiccation incidents:

april10 022

This foresight proved to be well-grounded during the testing of the magdalena valenciana, seen below

april10 020

Although the semi-enrobement in chocolate prevented the Romo "melindras choco" from reaching quite the same silica-gel desiccation levels as the vile magdalena valenciana, truth be told, they fared only marginally better. You wouldn't feed them to your mother-in-law.

april10 021

Remarkably, there was a clear winner:

april10 019

Yes, folks. Although the pastry chefs of Vienna, indeed of all of Northern Europe, still need not quake in their boots, the fact of the matter is that the "brazo trufa", or chocolate-truffle flavored Swiss roll, from the pasteleria of Angel Garro, was surprisingly tasty and - I never thought I would type these words in an edition of OBG - deliciously MOIST.

So it emerges as the clear winner.

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Pb said...

As a new mother-in-law who LOVES to market, cook, eat, and ponder food, the phrase "would not feed them to your mother-in-law" feels like, well, surely you're talking about Someone Else! MILs, do we get a bad rap?