Wednesday, April 8, 2009


april8 003

I have to confess. This was a purely curbside investigation. Nothing whatsoever about the items shown in this picture convinced me that it was worth shelling out 1.20€ for an actual taste test. The desiccant properties of the mille-feuille part are evident, and even the most enormous glob of unappetizing Crisco (or whatever the HELL that stuff is) is not going to be enough to compensate.

Yes, dear readers. I give this a failing grade, without even trying it. So sue me! You can hardly expect OBG operatives to put our personal health at risk just to satisfy your prurient curiosity.

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1 comment:

The Blandstand Taste-Team of Cakeistan said...

'nuff white goo there to shave an army of Tartars from gnarled head to curled toe.
'nuff said.