Monday, September 21, 2009

Altruism Update

MOTP regrets to report that this whole putpocket phenomenon (see yesterday's post and associated comments) has taken a distinctly sinister turn for the worse. As our roving correspondent reported earlier today:

"Baked Do-Goods said...
OMG! I woke up today and found an Empanada of Unknown Shape and Hence Filling in my pocket!"

Unfortunately, police in Santander report that disgruntled Basque separatists, in an effort to hijack this new eleemosynary trend, have taken to stuffing empanadas with Semtex, and tiny detonating devices, prior to placing them in the pockets of their intended victims. Authorities are reported to be very worried about the potential for widespread chaos throughout the Basque region, particularly since efforts to cross-train members of the canine drug-sniffing unit to seek out the booby-trapped empanadas have been conspicuously without success. According to a spokesman for the anti-terrorist squad in Santander:

"So far the training sessions have been totally unsuccessful - the puppies just gulp down the empanadas, apparently under the mistaken notion that they are just doggie treats".

Travelers are urged to turn in any unsolicited empanadas to local police. Under no circumstances should such items be placed in the microwave!

MOTP staff continue to monitor this dangerous situation closely.

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KaBoosh said...

Note that the new underground peace anthem, now topping the ringtone charts in Bilbao - 'I'm Not Stuffing Semtex In Your Empanadas' - is actually a cheap rip-off of 'I'm Not Hanging Noodles On Your Ears'.