Monday, September 21, 2009

El conducto

A word to drive fear into the most resolute heart is the Spanish word "conducto", meaning root canal surgery. Today I got to experience this less than delightful procedure first-hand, spending a total of two hours and twenty minutes in the chair of the charming Doctora Marisol. As I may have mentioned before, there are relatively few professions in which demented perfectionism would be considered a good thing. Dentistry is, however, one of them.

Back tomorrow for the first leg of the 'post and crown' procedure. But I suspect that the only one who really cares about any of this might be me. So I will leave it at that for the evening.

I'd like to be able to report that root canal work gets a bad rap. But it's every bit as hideous as everyone says. Even in beautiful Buenos Aires. But at least here it has the virtue of being inexpensive.

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Anonymous said...

A good name for a pub - the "Post and Crown" Actually a root canal is nothing. I've had many. When they go bad, you get an apicoectomy. If it still goes bad they pull the damn thing.