Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back on the Plain

Excellent news! I am glad to report that MOTP will once again be taking up residence on the Iberian plain, on or around Saturday October 24th, with plans to stay in Madrid through December 1st or thereabouts. Even better, the same Madrid apartment from earlier in the year is available, so once again I will be neighboring the establishment pictured below:

feb24 009

At the risk of disappointing certain readers of this blog, I would like to make it quite clear from the outset that there will no repetition of the whole spring candy-pooping animal diorama excesses.

But five weeks in Madrid in autumn! Yay!


ChockyIncontinence said...

Dreadful news! Hideous, ugly animal news!

Anonymous said...

Tell us, David, just how you became so independently wealthy. We want to know.

gaelstat said...

Ah, yes - my fictional "assets". Most of them exist entirely on paper, but so far it seems to satisfy the bank. I just keep hoping the Buenos Aires cash machines keep delivering. If they stop, I'll know I've overstayed my welcome.

The trick is to find a promising biotech company, work your a** off for 17 years, then quit before you die at your desk. For some reason, many people seem to have difficulties persuading themselves to carry out that last step. I, too, experienced enormous guilt at first - because, you know, isn't one supposed to suffer in life?

Finally, I decided that the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune could probably be trusted to deliver, without my taking an active role as agent of my own grief.

None of this addresses your question, but then you hardly expected a serious answer, did you?

Anonymous said...

In Tibet, I was always pleasantly surprised when the ATMs actually delivery cold hard renminbi on demand. On the down side, this attracted hords of medievally minded mendicant monks hoping to prolong their painful pilgrimage through this world another day on my dollar. As though I was running an eleemosynary house.