Friday, September 11, 2009

At the museum

Before we return to the sore topic of the great fake banknote taxi scam, here's a pleasant memory from yesterday. Paddy and I went to MALBA, the fancy museum of American art in Palermo. In the bookstore, I found this delightful set of little books for children, for only 20 pesos (a little over 5 dollars) for the entire collection:

september2009 126

My favorite is definitely the one which tells the story of the invention of 'dulce de leche':

september2009 128

Though the story of the Buenos Aires zoo comes in a close second:

september2009 129


Delizioso said...

The taxi driver was a milksop who wrote kiddies books about the Christmas elephant and shovelled cocoa on his off-days. I get it!

Bebe Bahnsen said...

I love the matchboxes. Tried to remember similar ones from when I was little and every adult I knew smoked. Couldn't remember anything as pretty and colorful, but I did remember cigarette lighters, most of which I think were made by Ronson. They were on every "good" coffee table.
I found myself Googling Ronson lighters and seeing all sorts of familiar ones.
Next thing you know I'll be researching old bourbon bottles in memory of my mother.