Wednesday, September 9, 2009

National tragedy

Normally this blog steers a mile wide of all things sports-related, but it would be remiss not to report on the general sense of stupefaction that has taken hold of the Argentine capital after tonight's stunning loss of La Selección, [also known as the Albicelestes (Light blue and whites)] in the World Cup qualifier versus Paraguay. Tonight's 1-0 loss in Asuncion against the clearly superior Paraguayan team, following on Sunday night's loss to Brazil, places the Albicelestes' chances of qualifying for next year's World Cup in significant jeopardy.

In a country where soccer is something akin to the national religion, folks here in B.A. couldn't be unhappier. The name of former national idol (Diego) Maradona, who took on the role of head coach of the Albiceleste squad last year, is in grave danger of becoming a byword.

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Vexation said...

A byword for what? Making an undisciplined, egomaniacal cokehead - with precious little managerial experience - the national gaffer wasn't much of a decision. Hope the fat pumas at the Argy Footy Association are the ones who bear the hoi-polloi's wrath.