Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Diary of a Geek

Brad took the AVE to Seville early yesterday morning (he was as excited as a schoolkid) and will return tomorrow evening. Although I am insanely jealous, as Seville is my favorite city in all of Spain, I have been having my own geekish fun here on the home front. Earlier in the day I went to the Corte Ingles and picked up a 5CD set of 'classical music from the movies'. It turns out that the theme from 'Elvira Madigan' is ideal background music for studying one's prepositional verbs. And I just finished churning out two business letters to the tunes of 'Cavalleria Rusticana' and 'Carmina Burana', respectively.

I have never denied being a geek.

I heard back from the statistics folks at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and have tentatively agreed to give a talk there when I visit during the second half of the month. Am still waiting to hear from the department at Universidad Carlos III.

With temperatures continuing in the 70's, all in all it is shaping up to be a fine week. Even if I did experience some gastrointestinal woes that caused me to miss classes this morning.

The plain people of Ireland: Whoa! Way too much information!
MOTP: You are quite right. Please accept my sincere apologies.


Pb said...

Elvira Madigan LP provided the soundtrack for my final undergraduate quarter, tied forever w/ my desire to get o.u.t. of Alabama and to finish my senior thesis: Moscow, The Third Rome.

Jared2 said...

Ah, yes. the Elvira Madigan music. Even Mozart never reached such heights.