Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'll have the delicious partridge casserole, please

november2009 097

Today we went on a little excursion to Toledo. We had lunch in a restaurant that specialized in game and venison. So, because there's a first time for everything, I had the delicious partridge for lunch. It was ... interesting. Perhaps a few more little bones than made for uncomplicated eating.

Back home safe after a nice day out. I still think Toledo is a bit of a tourist trap, but I certainly enjoyed it more than the last time I was there. We visited the cathedral, which was a definite high point, and a clear illustration of just how much moolah, in the form of art treasures, the Catholic church has accumulated over the centuries.

There was also a quirky, but fun, exhibition of costumes by Picasso and Dali in the Museo de Santa Cruz, right in the center of town, by Zocodover square. Where they had some nifty park benches:

november2009 056

november2009 080

The station was also pretty nifty:

november2009 102

All in all, another excellent day here on the Spanish plain. Brad gets to go to Seville Tuesday through Thursday (lucky SOB), while I will be devoting myself to the niceties of how to write a formal business letter en castellano. I know, I know, everyone should have such problems....

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