Sunday, April 22, 2007

In the classroom

Three weeks ago I bought a Sony Discman. I need to listen to classical music at night to fall asleep. Otherwise strings of Spanish words keep repeating in my head, driving me nuts, because this is already happening during the daytime.

When I mentioned this in class the other day, there were three very odd sounds. Later, I was able to interpret these retrospectively as the sound of three twenty-year old jaws dropping. Followed by stunned silence.

Fortunately, my familiarity with Scissor Sisters' "Take your Mama" salvaged my credibility later on during the same class. Temporarily. However, the information that I do not now own, nor have I ever owned, a cell phone, appears to have been too much for my classmates' twenty-year old brains to assimilate. So now I am treated with the deference accorded any over-the-hill old fogey. I may start to bring an ear trumpet to class if things go on in this way.

On the other hand, the words promulgate, obstreperous, and byzantine are part of my active vocabulary. Which, I suppose, is just further confirmation of fogeyhood.

Where did I leave that AARP application form? Gosh-darn it, I know it's here somewhere, if I could just find my bifocals.

The plain people of Ireland: begob, there's some very fancy words you're using tonight.
The management: I had a feeling that would get your attention, you obstreperous wretches. Now, please be quiet.

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