Friday, April 27, 2007

Random facts

We finally have a positive identification of the hitherto mysterious "frutas del bosque". They are black and red-currants. As delicious in Granada as in Seville, I might add. Other pretty darned good ice-cream flavors include: mandarin, nuts and rum, and the chocolate-orange combination.

Did you know that the Spanish refer to the current queen of England (more precisely, Reino Unido) as Isabel II ?

UFOs are known as ovnis.

Paz Vega, the pearl of Andalucía, enters the final month of her pregnancy in a state that is described both as "glowing" and "beatific", despite being ambushed by paparazzi at her last ob/gyn bisit. As a cultural reference point, think of Paz as Spain's version of Heidi Klum.

Meanwhile, all of Spain awaits the bisit of Beyoncé, "la diva más 'sexy'" with (you're way ahead of me here), bated breath.

Plain people of Ireland: This is very choppy today. And shouldn't that be....
The management: What? "Baited breadth"? Is that what you were going to say? Think hard before you embarrass yourselves further.
Plain people of Ireland: Oh, all right so. Never mind. No need to be so touchy about things. Just trying to help.
The management: Indeed.


plain people of ireland said...

Paz Vega .... Wasn't she in that movie with Adam Sandler, the one with the nanny - what was it called - "SPANGLISH"?

gaelstat said...

Indeed, you are right. I did not know that.