Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The ugly duckling

You may remember that this sign had previously vexed me a little. "¿Palace of the Ducks?"
Well, here at MoTP headquarters, we spare no effort when trying to get to the bottom of life's little mysteries. Our readers deserve no less.

So we did a little legwork, and here is what we found. The building in question has now been transformed into Granada's most luxurious hotel, surpassing even the Alhambra Palace Hotel in the opulence of its furnishings and the servile fawning lavished on its guests.

Here is a view of the main entrance to the hotel.

Observe closely. Just above the "C" in "Canon", what is that white, snorkel-like thing?
Let's take a closer look.

Why, it's a swan. A pair of swans, in fact.
Unless you are Spanish. In which case you will refer to this hotel as the Palace of the Ducks. Go figure.


plain people of Ireland said...

Yerrah, go on. No one could be that bloody stupid. Didja never hear of the ugly duckling? Hans Christian Andersen. The little match girl. Sure them stories would warrum the cockles of yer heart. If you had a heart.

gaelstat said...

Good Lord. Who let these peasants near a keyboard? What's worse, they have a point.