Friday, August 31, 2007

Adiós to Salamanca

summer and winter costumes

Summer and winter outfits

Cocina vanguardista

Cocina vanguardista

Enforced quaintness

Ear, nose & throat and ???? doctor

Every sign on Salamanca's streets, whether municipal or private, is written using the exact font and paint color shown in the picture above. At first it seems charming, but eventually the cumulative effect of so much enforced quaintness is kind of sinister, in my opinion.

It's the end of August, this is post # 250, so this seems a good place to call it a night. The next post should be from Madrid again.

Hasta mañana.


Sherri said...

I'm currently reading a vampire novel that starts in Salamanca. I've never really heard the name before cracking that book, and your weblog.

Hm. Were there Gypsies?

Jared said...

That is possibly the ugliest font I've ever seen. Sinister.

gaelstat said...

Salmantines (aka charros) are proud of their ancient university, which is indeed impressive, the third oldest in Europe. The received wisdom is that the purest Spanish (Castilian) is spoken here in Salamanca, but - as with all claims related to language - that's entirely debatable.

Not a large gypsy population, as they are more concentrated in Andalucia.

I'm glad that someone else finds that font as sinister and ugly as I do.


Rebecca Lowell said...

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