Sunday, August 26, 2007

From the internet café

Well, on this extremely rainy (thunderstorms) weekend en Salamanca, of course the wi-fi connectivity in the Don Quijote piso de lujo is completely shot. My understanding of technology is sufficiently limited that I have not the faintest idea whether wi-fi quality depends in any way on the weather, though - frankly - it seems kind of implausible.

Anyway, here I am, sheltering from the storms in the internet café (deserted, though at 6pm on Sunday, some people are probably only just now getting up), trying to make sure that my credit cards remain viable, by making payments, one of which I notice was due two weeks ago (fortunately it's the American Express card, and - of the three cards I possess - they are the least likely to hit me with a late payment fine).

What news? Well, the celebration dinner on Friday evening was a riot. As was the subsequent drinking session until the wee hours on Saturday morning. But it's been a sleepy weekend. I don't think I realized how keyed up I had been about the exam until I had the luxury of sleeping in until noon yesterday. And 11am today.

Enough, I'm boring even myself at this rate!

Hasta pronto.


Jared said...

Now your exam is over, I trust we can look forward to more limericks from the Iberian cycle.

Sherri said...

Reading about you being bored is more interesting than sitting here being bored on my own.

And that's sad.

satchmo said...

I've recently come across your blog and I'm enjoying what I read. I hope I can pick up some pointers here and there (I'm learning Spanish, and moving there in a month), but I'm certainly finding a few laughs. Thanks!