Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Final itinerary update

In the end, it proved remarkably hard to take the final step and actually make travel arrangements that involved leaving Spain. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I gave in to the temptation of adding yet one more week of classes, at the school in Madrid, ending on Friday September 7th. Then I booked the flight from Cork to London, needed to connect to my flight back to San Francisco on Monday September 17th. And - finally - my flight out of Spain, from Madrid to Dublin, on Wednesday September 12th. I will spend two days in Dublin, catching up with family and friends, before taking the train down to Cork (or possibly Killarney) on Friday 14th, spending my last couple of nights in Europe in Cork.

Which leaves Saturday Sept 8th to Wed Sept 12th unaccounted for. I may just have to go back to Sevilla, still my favorite Spanish city, for one last visit.

But, one way or another, on Monday September 17th, I should be back home in San Francisco. Which, in theory, should mean an end to this blog.

But that seems highly unlikely, to be honest. Buenos Aires, anyone? Though I guess that blog might have to be titled MAINLY ON THE PAMPAS.


Sherri said...

Oh feh. People change, weblogs change. It's amazingly simple to change the name on a weblog. Plainly in the Main, perhaps? Or Epistle to the Plain People of Ireland? or something else.

O'Donovan said...

This is me, agitating for Mainly on the Bay.