Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good intentions

For the first couple of weeks here in Salamanca, I spent some time idly trying to befriend the little feral kitty that used to hang out in the derelict lot across the street. Cats being the way they are, I didn't have too much success. So, on Wednesday, on my way home from the oral exam, I decided to step up my efforts, and stopped off at the supermarket ("El Arból") to pick up some delicious tinned catfood. To be specific, one container of Brekkies Excel* sabor de pollo y pavo (irresistible sabor y más cómodo : contiene cuchara):

and one container of Brekkies Excel* sabor de buey y cordero:

Someone had already been leaving out dry food (the kind that looks like sheep droppings) for the kitty in question, but I figured that two containers of the moist juicy goodness that is Brekkies Excel would raise my likability quotient considerably.

Unfortunately, when I got home I had to leave for my 7pm class, so I put the food in the cupboard and forgot all about it. Until the next afternoon, when I was putting away the dishes and rediscovered the feline treasure trove. So, mentally practicing my little kitty-Spanish phrases, I grabbed the can of "pollo y pavo"(with convenient spoon) and headed downstairs to make a new friend.

Only to be greeted by a street scene taken straight from a bad made-for-TV movie. Two police cars, an enormous firetruck, complete with flashing lights, and four young, highly embarrassed, firefighters, all engaged in deep scrutiny of the wall of the abandoned building opposite. Where a familiar black-and-white feline figure could be seen, about three quarters of the way up. Upon making discreet enquiries, I was able to ascertain that the kitty had made his way up there earlier in the day (lured presumably by the row of pigeons atop the building frame, who were now looking down on him with a mixture of disdain and amusement) and had gotten stuck. So eventually - perhaps inevitably - a neighbor had called the fire brigade to come to the rescue.

Which is exactly what they did. To the delight and amusement of the assembled onlookers, the ladder was hoisted, the youngest fireman was elected to carry out the rescue, and ten minutes later my would-be feline friend was safely in the fire engine, in which he was presumably whisked off to the refuge for wanton kitties. Leaving me with two cans of delicious catfood on my hands. (I would have taken pictures, but was sternly warned off from doing so by one of the policia on the scene).

If anyone is in the mood for some Brekkies Excel, just let me know. I'll be here all week.

*: Nuevo nombre, mismo producto. Ahora CatChow se llama Brekkies Excel.

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