Monday, August 20, 2007

Itinerary update

For anyone following my progress by sticking little pins on a map, I added a week here in Salamanca (since I didn't want to have to leave the day immediately following the exam, and - to be honest - I haven't had that much time yet to explore the city fully). Then, on September 1st, it's back to Madrid for a few days, before continuing to Ireland, from where I will leave for London, and my flight back to San Francisco on September 17th.


O'Donovan said...

Note to self: Buy more pins.

Snufkin said...

So, will you be in London at all, or just flying through from Ireland to San Francisco?

gaelstat said...


Buy plenty of pins, because in Sunday's newspaper I saw this very interesting article about how Buenos Aires is the new destination for "turismo linguistico del español". Language courses seem much cheaper than aqu´en España, and there is the DELE superior in November (assuming this week's DELE intermedio goes OK).

God forbid I should ever, like, actually *work* again.

Snufkin: I suspect I will just be passing through Heathrow on the way back from Ireland. Although when I was planning this whole trip back in January, I had great notions of jetting around Europe, using Spain as a base. Obviously, this has not happened, for a variety of reasons, inertia being one, but also because I realize that I prefer being somewhere for a reasonably long stretch of time. I've really been enjoying having the time to get into a certain rhythm in each of the cities I've spent time in this spring and summer.