Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shark update

No self-respecting blog would go an entire summer without a shark report. So here's mine:

La Cruz Roja ha capturado el tiburón de Tarragona

Sadly, el tiburón está "muy debilitado" en el Aquarium. On the bright side, the beach is once again safe for frolicking holidaygoers, guiris and españoles alike.

Can you tell I am engaged in avoidance behavior vis-a-vis the oral part of my exam, which has been moved up from Thursday afternoon to tomorrow afternoon at 5. But, as someone once noted, "que será, será". The future's not ours to see.

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gaelstat said...

Further update. El tiburón is, unfortunately, not doing well at all. He is suffering from some kind of nonspecific malaise, and is not expected to pull through. According to today's newspaper, someone has to be in the tank with him at all time, to provide manual swimming assistance. Because, apparently, if you're a shark, if you don't swim, then you die.

Así es la vida.