Wednesday, August 22, 2007

La prueba oral

Now, I know "prueba oral" might sound a little invasive, but let me assure everyone that no oral probing was involved. However, the first part of this week's exams is over. I am happy to report that it was uneventful in all the right ways - I chattered on, with reasonably fluency, about the various places I have lived, what there was to like and dislike about each. Although I did manage to squeeze in the term "axilla del mundo" (armpit of the world), in reference to Nueva Jersey, it is with great regret that I have to inform my readers that there just didn't seem to be a natural way to turn the conversation to the topic of duck vibrators. So I never did get to work the phrase "patito-vibrador" into my little presentation.

Maybe next time, in the DELE superior.

This afternoon's test was a walk in the park, I am pleased to report.

With apologies to all the fine citizens of Nueva Jersey, which is - of course - a fine place to live. And if anyone has a particular interest in living in Jersey City, I have a fine condominium there that we could discuss some time.

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Sherri said...


IN general, it's hard to work in a duck vibrator, although it might have been easier if you'd found a translation for "I-Rub-My-Duckie"

(You'll have to scroll down the page a bit, as there are no direct links. Besides, otherwise you'll miss the fishie, and the penquin, and the wormie...)