Thursday, August 23, 2007

lapiz # 2

Just checking in to say that I will be back to post something of more substance once tomorrow's exam (which takes place from 8:40am to 1:00pm) is over and done with. I have my #2 pencil and my eraser, and am as ready as I will ever be. So I am taking this evening off from studying.

¡Hasta pronto!


The plain people of Ireland: ..
The management: ¡Callaos! Not now.
The plain people of Ireland: But we just wanted to wish you "mucha mierda".
The management: In that case, thank you, and please forgive my ungraciousness.
The plain people of Ireland: Ah, sure that's just the pre-exam stress. Nuala had fierce nerves the whole time she was doing her Leaving. There was no talking to the poor girl.
The management: You are very gracious.

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