Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Likable Wilma

Likable Wilma
by William Blake

Wilma, Wilma, in thy blouse,
Red-haired prehistoric spouse,
What immortal animator
Was thy slender waist's creator?

When the Rubble clan moved in,
Was Betty jealous of thy skin,
Thy noble nose, thy dimpled knee?
Did he who penciled Fred draw thee?

Wilma, Wilma, burning bright, ye
Cartoon goddess Aphrodite,
Was it Hanna or Barbera
Made thee hot as some caldera?

Well, no, this "poem" was not written by William Blake. It is actually the work of one Francis Heaney, the comic genius behind the slim volume "The Holy Tango of Literature", which contains a series of poems answering the question "What if poets wrote poems whose titles were anagrams of the poet's own name?". Other gems include "Toilets", "by" T.S. Eliot, "Skinny Domicile", "by" Emily Dickinson and - my personal favorite - "Hen Gonads" by - well, you should be able to figure it out for yourself.

If not, here is a link to the content online:


Warning: may cause uncontrollable, hysterical laughter, of the kind which makes you snort liquids out your nose.


Sherri said...

Oh, and this is SO swiped.

gaelstat said...

What can I say? I can't always manage to be original and amusing at the same time. Not while preparing for exams, anyway.

Sherri said...

Oh no, I meant I am SWIPING this, not that you swiped it.

*sigh* so much is lost without tone of voice and hand gestures.