Tuesday, August 12, 2008

El País Redux

A pleasant surprise here in Buenos Aires is the ready availability of "El País", in what appears to be essentially the same version as that in Spain. Even more pleasing is its price - at 2.50 pesos it works out at around 84 cents, which is about half what it cost in Spain. The whole pricing structure seems mysterious, and more than a little arbitrary - for instance, in Costa Rica it achieves definite luxury status, at a daily cost of 3.75 US dollars. Similarly, in Chile it's no bargain either, costing almost 2.50 US dollars. But I'm not complaining - it's a definite steal here in Argentina.

My love affair with El País continues unabated. For instance, it provides the perfect filter through which to read about the Olympics. Instead of being blasted with the usual hegemonistic braying of the U.S. media, it's kind of refreshing to see Spain's bronze medal in fencing get front page status. Then there was this gem, buried deep inside yesterday's edition:

"Iggy Pop se queda sin guitarra; Iron Maiden también"

Next to a photo of Iggy, looking suitably bereft, are the details. Apparently, while Iggy and his band were on tour in Canada, somebody made off with their van - from the parking lot of a Montreal Embassy Suites. The van was later discovered a few blocks away, but sans equipment.

Hard to know what's more poignant - the loss of Iggy's beloved guitar, or the fact that these days, while on tour, he stays at the Embassy Suites. And one's heart goes out to the robbed rebels of rock in Iron Maiden. Who are offering a reward, should any of you blog readers out there know any more about their loss.

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