Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Name that Kevin!

Name that Kevin

Today, I reach out to all my readers with a challenge:

  • Identify the Kevin featured in this photo. (I am really not sure, though I have this sneaking suspicion it might just be ..... K-Fed. But then I think, surely not).
  • Provide the requisite linkage to Kevin Bacon.
  • Extra credit: Provide the Bacon-Erdös number for the individual in the photo.

Notes and hints: If the picture is indeed that of K-Fed, his appearance during the past year as a WWE "participant" will be considered an acceptable starting node. (Even if it isn't K-Fed, amuse yourselves by pretending it is).

For the extra credit part (which is really a direct challenge to Professors Davidian and Tsiatis, though if anyone cares to shame them by providing an earlier answer, so much the better), a Bacon-Erdös number is defined in the obvious way; its calculation obviously requires an intimate knowledge of both popular culture and mathematical celebrities. There are a few obvious bridges between both worlds, but why should I make it too simple....

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gaelstat said...

Professor Davidian assures me (private communication) that an answer to the Federline Bacon-Erdös challenge is forthcoming. An anxious world awaits.