Sunday, August 10, 2008

The eagle has landed

It's 6pm here on Sunday afternoon in Buenos Aires. Do you know where your favorite Irish biostatistical blogger is? (If so, please send messages to this blog).

Just kidding. He is safe and sound in downtown B.A. After a long (almost 11 hours) flight from Washington Dulles, got in this morning without any problems, got a taxi to the apartment, where I signed the contract for my stay, got the keys, and promptly crashed for the afternoon.

Am now out and about in the city center, which is fascinating. So far, the weather seems similar to that in San Francisco before leaving. Which does bring to mind the inevitable comment, attributable - I believe - to Mark Twain, about how the coldest winter he ever endured was summer in S.F.

Enough with the meteorological babbling. This post is just to say I'm here in B.A., safe and sound.

Much more later.

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