Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Until now, this blog has been reprehensibly silent on the subject of heavy metal, a situation which this post shall endeavor to remedy. Whether you are a fan of death metal, thrash metal, black metal, power metal, or one of those extra-alienated doom or goth metal types, this post's for you. So listen up, motherfrackers! (I'm talking to you, Peter Compton!)

Oh, you can say that what attracts you to metal are the dominant use of the Aeolian progressions I-VI-VII, I-VII-(VI), or I-VI-IV-VII and Phrygian progressions (implying the relation between I and ♭II (I-♭II-I, I-♭II-III, or I-♭II-VII)). But we know that it's really the persistent invocation of the tritone (an interval spanning three whole tones—such as C and F#—a forbidden dissonance in medieval ecclesiastical singing, leading monks to call it diabolus in musica—"the devil in music", which symbolic association causes it to be heard in Western cultural convention as "evil"). That, and the whole headbanging aspect. Why else do you keep renewing that subscription to "Headbanger" magazine?

Or, as it's known in these here parts (and, to the extent that this post has any point at all, which is doubtful, this would be it), "Jedbangers". A name which cracks me the hell up.

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