Friday, October 2, 2009

Search engine poetry

Once again, by popular demand, we bring you "poetry" composed solely from search engine phrases by which people were referred to this blog.

I. Right hoors

Dona Letizia diet.
Letizia Bourbon.
Using hemroid cream for love handles.
What would I look like 4 stone lighter?
Right hoor.

French business woman elegant working at her desk.
Do not pet me I am working.
Right hoor.

Streetwalkers Benidorm.
Strumpet City in the sunset.
Do not pet me I am working.
Right hoors.

Hen parties Madrid.
Mujeres con un vibrador.
Hedgehog vibrator.
Right hoor(s).

II. Cat of doom.

World's funniest cat.
Funny redneck cats.
Marmalade cat.
Cat in a taco.
Do not pet me I am working.
Cat of doom.


Hideous, ugly animals.

Bear with chartreuse hair.
Flying bunny rabbits.
Two-headed bunnies.
Tow-headed bunnies.
Big Bunny Winfrey.
Cuy Bono.
La llama que llama.
Brekkies Excel dog.
Panda without a cause.
Bubo Baggins.
Hideous, ugly animals.


Reactions to Susan Boyle.

Raves on the pampas.
Baby born with teeth.
Segovia nanny drops baby.
Eustace Tilley: "Fish, please".
Playboy bunny eats apricot marmalade.
Ethel the aardvark goes quantity surveying.
Rebellious 24-year old child still living at home.
Man poured molten lead into own ear.
Felipe Segundo drinks.
Jolly Roger.
Lazy Susan.
Kafka feliz.


Huglykins said...


Hideous, ugly animals.

Anonymous said...

"Man poured molten lead into own ear"

He is now suing the makers of "Hamlet" chocolate bars.